Measuring Call Center Agent Productivity

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Published: 15th September 2010
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Call center agents provide customer support services and are the core assets of call center firm. They directly interact with your customers and offer good relationship to them. A call center agent must resolve all customer queries. They must know more information and must learn to check all issues and solve them. Their goal is to provide excellent customer support service via telephone, email or web-based transactions. At present, Call Centers not only respond to phone calls. They also search and quote information, take comprehensive and correct orders and messages, accept and transmit faxes and emails, and make it definite that the right person got the message.

The call center industry had benefited the economy but still there are hitches at the back of it. Mostly, compared to other industries, the Philippine call center industry has advanced revenue rates with its 24/7 operations. The demand for the kind of talent the call center industry needs to boom the business is a problem. To be able to scrutinize the factors that affect the well-being and retention of call center workers in the Philippines, the Institute of Philippine Culture and the Ateneo Center for Organization Research and Development performed a study. The 940 call center agents which represent 10 call centers had participated in the research. The study showed that 1 of 2 call center representatives is planning to leave the office in a year.

The proceeds goal is related to age, occupation dedication, burn out, pleasure with pay, superior, job responsibilities, concrete organization, and promotions. Some suggestions on how call centers can provide better care to maintain their workers by evaluating the rewards that are not only aggressive but also significant to the wants of their employees. Rewards must be well communicated and managed. Since call center workforce are normally very young, organizations must create a cool and helpful work atmosphere to help lessen the stress in a tedious work. To ensure the wellbeing of call center workers, the person must be fit in the job. Traditionally, call centers have knocked young workers and new graduates. This group is usually itinerant and restless. The job responsibilities interpret the turnover. In order to motivate CSRs, call centers need to look at CSR must improve the design of work which includes greater variety of opportunities to move into different accounts and use different skills and reviewing discretion levels. Call center industry can have career development programs which will provide info. regarding their career paths and chances in the organization. The need for effective and well-communicated policies on promotion is also necessary to prevent view of favoritism and politics in promotions. Call centers must ensure that their leaders are capable to supervise subordinates and teams successfully. It is unusual to witness very young and inexperienced agents who are promoted as team leaders.

The measurement for its operation must be developed to let everyone understand how it should be estimated. The productivity in a call center business must be defined. Some means of calculating contact center productivity is to calculate the number of customers being served in a reporting period divided by the number of hours operated the phone system minus the number of available hours. The number of customers being served is represented by inbound calls, outbound calls, transferred calls, emails, and others. The contact center must know what categories to count for each agent. The number of available hours refers to hours where the agent was logged on to the phone system sitting in the available work condition and waiting for the next call. The subtraction of the available hours varies in some reasons. It is predominantly out of the agent's control. When subtracted, it is one of the factors that let the agent evaluate apples to apples. This lets the agent follow standard of excellence. This tough calculation that must be echoed to other contact center. Many measurements must be considered as well like the conversion rate.

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