Philippines Home-Based Call Centers

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Published: 19th August 2010
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Experts urged Philippines call centers to try home-based operations with home based agents. One of those is William Dieu, senior research analyst from callcentres dot net. However, Benedict Hernandez, senior vice president and general manager for Philippines of eTelecare, said technological factors hinder the development of this kind of job. Also, John Langford, executive vice president of ICT group, said it will take time before this system is adapted. Lots of news about home-based operations of call center has been discussed. US is surviving this kind of set up, the industry has been in the United States but this set-up has been used only in the last five years. And according to some news this is effective in US. Philippines as one of the most famous countries leading of having a successful call center industry is now opening its perspective about operating the home-based call center industry. Furthermore, It is expected that Philippines could be able to operate this kind of work since Philippines is a competitive country in dealing with call center industry like US.

The Philippines call center industry, is now being feared as possibly a bubble industry as well. With analysts predicting the downfall of the call center industry possibly sooner than the later due to stiff global competition. but the latest trend of home based call center startups will alter this fate. As to what kind of individual is best suited for this job opportunity, one may base this on the job specifications. As of now, little statistics or news is available to gauge the success rate of home based call centers. Considering, however, that these call centers will still earn in dollars, profitably may probably better than the other locally sourced home-based opportunities, Interested individuals must beware, however, of business offers that are not backed up with proper licensing as these may simply yet another strategy of con artists to embezzle their hard-earned money.

LDP Business reported that British workers will be laid off because Shop Direct had planned to close a call center in Crosby. A company’s support has been frightened by a business who finds for work-at-home call center personnel who’ll be hired in Philippines. One of Shop Direct's partners, Arise Virtual Solutions stated that before the year ends, they expected to have 5 or 6 clients in UK. They need to recruit 1,000 clients in which 300 of them will work for the so called home-based business to be located in the North-eastern part of United States. But the uncertain part of it is that the staff needs to pay for their own setup expenses. By the end of April, Online and catalog retailer Shop Direct will close its Crosby call center which will result to the lay-off of 1,000 jobs.

Philippine call centers are urged to try home-based operations to curb high attrition rate and increase employee satisfaction. Based from the present data of Contact Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP), the hire rate in the contact center industry was only about 5 to 10 from 100 applicants. Doctolero said that he will be proposing the work-from-home agents in a meeting with call center companies. When an agent works from home, the one-X Agent will provide easy access to both agent and contact Centre Company. It will run using Microsoft Windows. It has a pop-up information screen that will provide basic information that is essential to the caller. The agent can pre-record a welcome message for the callers. By means of the wizard and tutorials, agents can simply run the software at home.

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